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Solar Eclipse ’12

So I was at the Griffith sunday to see the event. The plan was to take the red line to vermont and sunset and a little shuttle bus that runs on the weekends. Turns out a lot of other people had the same idea I did so I hiked up the road and it was really hot even when it was starting. So I make it up and go inside to cool off and they felt a lot better. after about 20 to 30 minutes I come back out and it was a whole lot cooler and was a bit of a breeze. Did that fell good to, then I started taking photos and this was the out come.

Then I hiked back down the hill.

Coming Solar Eclipse 0

Coming Solar Eclipse

May 20th people, here is a story on huffingtonpost about it. Also here are some areas to it will be visible. Red will see it as an annular eclipse while everywhere else will see it as a partial. Sadly I’ll just get to see it as a partial but hey at least I get to see one again. It’s been many years. …and better image added. I know, still lame

Being Planets 0

Being Planets

Just hanging with some people I know down in Fullerton, and we found this made to scale chart of the solar system. one of them decided to say she was the sun, the other two ran around orbiting her acting as planets, at first I got a few stills and this was the one that stood out most.

then I recorded a little video just to add to the humor