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Fresh Meat Expo Bout: The Jawbreakers vs. Hell-Raising Heathers

And now Photos are online and story time.

A few days ago while on facebook I found myself upon a summons. Someone had made a post looking for a photographer for a roller derby event because they didn’t have anyone else available and I was tagged by a friend in the comments. I talked to the person shortly to get more info on each other and we set a time and place to meet up and head over. Now I have been to a game before but at the time was unable to bring my camera in so it was nice to be able to this time around. Now it did get dark relatively soon after the game started but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I believe I got some nice shots out of it despite the low light and high speeds these girls were moving going at. Over all, I had fun and what I liked most out of it is the fact they hit each other pretty hard but still have a lot of respect of each other.

I hope to do that again sometime.


I’ve got you now!

So awhile back on my old computer I was finding myself running out of hard drive space. At the time I had the original 30 GB drive and a 120 GB internal that I also put in later which was a life saver, for a while. I didn’t want to have to start deleting photos so what I did was I started putting photos on CD’s to help save space. And then I decided to make things easier on myself and got a 500GB external drive which was a very good idea. Well the computer I use now have a 1 TB dive and I still have that external on me so all should be good for a while still.

But of all that, I found the CD’s again which I didn’t burn many of found this from an old softball game I was at. Also I need to make something Shark Week related but I have no ideas.


In my Sights

From a game I was taking photos at years ago for some journalism conference california community colleges take part of. After we were done taking photos the bunch of us photographers got sent to a room full of computers to edit our photo, mainly for contest reasons and I remember this one girl was freaking out and crying because she really had no idea how to use photoshop. I ended up helping her out, good thing I got my work done on my photo quickly. I think she thanked me a little to much.


Oh no you don’t…

I know, I haven’t really do doing much in a while, mainly because there is nothing going on really. this sucks entirely. Also I wanted to post something else football related after the game sunday but forgot and now posting anyways.

Are you ready for some Football? 4

Are you ready for some Football?

alright, this week was hard to pick a winner, it really was because i liked all the captions a lot. despite the fact there isn’t a lot that gets posted but thats typical. so this weeks winner is Kombat with…

Barring illegal immigrants from joining the taxpayer’s workforce has seen some interesting results.

so the superbowl is next week on sunday, lets post up another one of my football shots and see what everyone can think of for it. might be hard but i believe in the lot of you. prove me right.


And now the kicker

not much at all last week, kind of sad about that but oh well. this weeks winner is Kregg with…

How serious is this? I took off the second pair of sunglasses, that’s how serious this is.

I saw that and right away I was like HA! and now for this week, not only is it a test of your imagination but a little bit of photoshop too. if you suck at it I’ll forgive you, now what is this football player really about to kick? put your object in and post your link. but if you also have a good caption feel free to also post that up