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Dear Tea Party…

You really do embarrass yourselves by first of all picking fights with everyone and being insanely stupid. And the fact they claim to do all the work yet strangely enough more conservative run states tend to take more money from the federal government then states like California. Now, I don’t mind helping people where I can, and if I had money myself, or at least more that I can live off of I wouldn’t mind using some of it to help others in need so that way we as a people can advance ourselves even further.


Tea Baggers

So, like yeah, around the US protest where going on here and there about obama being president, and not liking the fact he won by saying he is taxing them to death… ok. the theme of the idea was from the Boston Tea Party because thats what that was about back then, being over taxed. and they called themselves… Tea Baggers, no I’m not kidding, Tea Baggers.

don’t let them tea bag you