Teenagers Scare, The Living Shit Out Of…

A lot of people. As many people have heard stories of them eating tide pods, and now snorting condoms, I’m pretty sure over all most agree preforming such activities is insanely stupid. But you also have to look back, what did you or others you knew at the time do that was incredibly stupid? But for what reason? could it be for attention? Perhaps stress or anxiety? They are often under appreciated and suffer more then most adults know. I know this, because remember how miserable I was at that time. And I’m sure there are plenty of other adults that would admit the same thing, while others will not because they might consider that a sign of weakness.

There is also often debate about them if they know better or not. I remember awhile back learning that a 15 year old (at the time) doesn’t know better and should be forgiven. A week later I’m told they should know better and got what they deserved. I wonder why the narrative changed so much?

At the same time we’ve seen teenagers help set up a massive rally recently, and that they can also speak well. I believe the people that prefer to attack them most, tend to be more those that prefer to always have some kind of sense of control over others. And possibly threatened by the idea someone younger then them, might be better. There is reason we are supposed to teach those younger then us, so they can be better then us.

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