The Naughty List

Awhile back during the holidays I was at a mall doing, nothing important (shifts eyes) and noticed the guys from Bro House being kind of annoying to a Santa, who turned out to be Danny Trejo (acts in didn’t know), and the other people working at the set up for kids to get photos with him. Then I see security chase them off after a couple of minutes of being jackasses. Only to later discover this was for an episode of the show American Horror Stories.

Any ways, I remember call time was really early and it was a long ride for me to go down too. This was also filmed a few months ago, in a real mall, and shoppers were there not knowing what was going on. I’m pretty hard to spot till you see the girl in the red mask next to me. A few people asked how they can get into background acting because they were interested too, and just gave what info I can.

One thing I also ended up doing there was help herd pedestrians into stores so they wouldn’t get into any of the shots but that clearly didn’t work as hoped. Plus since the scene was suppose to take place around LA during the holidays. We were more dressed for LA winter, but many shoppers were dressed for LA heat, like short sleeve shirts and shorts. Did the best we could. And I still remember one girl saying to me, “you look like you are part of this show,” which I’m pretty sure was said as a compliment.

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