Free of Pointless Command

That awkward moment when you are hanging around a local train station, riding a bike around, talking to people and such, and it turnouts you are in an episode of the Disney+ show, The Mysterious Benedict Society. Oh I have stories for this. It was a four day shoot.

It started off with me being a rush call on the first day, and it was a long ride to set, like at least an hour, because I am crazy. I still remember the details page saying guys can’t have hair past their chin, and it’s past my shoulders. But hair saved the day and put it in a bun, then a hat on top. As for my outfit, one person in wardrobe realized my coat size and gave me a jacket she’s been wanting to put on someone and I was just small enough for it.

The first screen shot I’m pushing a bike into the rack, but before that I remember the PA asking me if I knew how to ride a bike. I mean, it’s been a long time but I knew I had it. Just wish they recored me getting off of it because I did it in such a smooth way, where I basically slid off and landed on my feet just right. The second shot is from inside the station, left side, you can see my back. That is how good of a job they did at hiding my very long hair.

The next two days had a call time was 5:30, and the last at 5:50, and the earliest I left as on the last day, and at that time the sun was starting to set. That’s how long those days were. But something kind of disturbing was on the last day there was a homeless guy shouting for no reason, “it’s a woman’s job to look at a man.” First of all, that sounded pretty homophobic and misogynistic. Second, what does that mean by saying, her job? What the actual hell? Anyways, despite the long ride and days, I’m glad I was there, because everyone was really cool.

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