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So I made a post on Threads that got a lot of traction, for me. Basically what’s below. What happened is the new Star Wars show, The Acolyte has been coming up on Disney+ and people are angry, saying they’ve changed so much and it’s just not Star Wars anymore. I’m old enough to remember when people violently hated the Prequel trilogy. I’m not old enough to remember the original trilogy because I only existed for a short time when Return of the Jedi came out.

But I know other stuff came out after those movies, like the Ewok ones, that just looked bad and I didn’t care enough to watch. And I know people really didn’t like the Holiday Special which came out after the first movie. There were also replies to my post confirming I was right, from those who were alive and fully aware of what was going on back then. In fact it turns out people had complains about The Empire Strikes Back before and after it came out. But like everything, that is eventually forgotten.

But whats’s truly amazing is the type of people complaining and what they are about. They are upset there are women, non-white and gender non-conforming people existing in the franchise, and even having important roles. Did they even see the first movie? Leia was a badass! She had no problem killing stormtroopers, and took all kinds of interrogation tricks and still didn’t budge. And I understand Carrie Fisher in real life was terrifying to messed up people, which makes me love her more. I wish I got to work with her. And I hope to be in a Star Wars project to eventually. I’ve been on Marvel.

But it seems to me there are people who have this idea all media, especially in entertainment should cater to them. Other people exist! Plus there are a lot of other source materials like books and comics, and the new shows and movies take from that. So realistically, it’s always been there. Plus Star Wars was always meant to be at least slightly cheesy. I mean, have you seen the first movie?

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