Warcraft – Troll Tech Tree

And now, another installment of my little fan made series I like to call Warcraft 3: the second expansion for the game where I would create my own concepts of what tech trees would look like if each playable race in World of Warcraft was available with their own. With the help of the WoW Model Viewer, because I’m to lazy and not skilled enough to make drawings of this kind of quality. Now, for the Trolls.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin

The first time we saw Trolls in Warcraft was in the second game with the Forest Troll Axe Throwers. In the lore there are several kind of trolls but for this is the Jungle Trolls, first seen in Warcraft 3, who joined with the orcs after being saved by them. Starting things off with the worker unit, the Craftsman, does all the typical worker unit stuff. Now for the next group, the combat units with the Watcher, named after guards at Troll settlements in WoW. They would be about an equivalent of the Footman on the human tech tree. There is already a ranged unit with the Headhunter, as seen on the Horde tech tree in warcraft 3.

Raptor Rider

And the last of the combat units with the tier 3, with the Raptor Rider. Now yes, I know, not on a raptor here but this is an idea of what it would looks like if it was dismounted. They are about the equivalent of Knight. For the next group are the casters, with each are based on the different classes troll can select from in WoW. To start things off there already is a troll caster in Warcraft 3, with the Witch Doctor, then adding to that with the Priestess, a unit whose main role is healing. Then there is the (yes, I know, temp name) Mage. which will be a lot like the Elven Sorceress with the alliance.


The next group are the siege units. Now, I could go with the catapult, but so many others already have those, so I want to do something different that seems a bit crazy, but it’s different, the Blade Thrower. Unfortunately the only model files in WoW are static, so a lot of work would have to be done to make it usable in a strategy game setting. Last of the main unit groups is the Flying, and since trolls already have one with the Bat Rider, they are set. But I would change the bat rider to not be a suicide unit to other flying units.

And finally, the Troll hero units. Already in game is the Shadow Hunter, and the new heroes I have in mind are the ArchDruid, much like the Keeper of the Grove in the Night Elf tech tree. Then there is the Archmage, a unit much like the human equivalent but unlikely will be riding anything like the human version. And last the Guardian, a direct combat unit which would be riding a raptor.

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