Trolling Wondercon ’16 Protesters

As I was about to head to head to some place I find these guys “preaching” like they always like to do at cons, parades, and other such events around LA. Basically, they are picking a fight.

The main guy, Rubin, talked about things the bible says, I also mentioned it tells you how to keep slaves then attacks me for it asking what I have against jews and if I’m a nazi. What does that have to do with anything? Then he insults a Jewish girl.

Then these guys came in to play to drown out his insults (which is when I started recording), and he starts attacking them. saying things like how they have no talent, sounds like nails on a board, and just trying to be rude. I then yelled at him to pull an instrument out and to show us what he’s got. Put up or shut up!

I know the trick of what he is trying to pull off, anger someone there enough, get them to hit you, put video up and make it look like he is being persecuted for preaching the gospel. No, it’s called deception. And yes, that is the same guy from the Dearborn video that a lot of people fell for.

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