Wondercon ’16 Photos – Day 2

Back to this stuff now. I got to the convention center in the morning because I wanted to cover as much as I can before heading out for a little while for the Brides of March. I decided I wanted to take off at about 11:30 but as I was starting to head to my next destination I found some fundies, and the aggressive ones too. Basically the type looking for a fight. I got video of that so it will be up tomorrow.

After a short time I headed back to the con because I wanted to cover more before it was starting to get dark. By then the “preachers” were gone, as I expected. I found a lot more people in their excellent cosplays, all while I had the newly added vile attached to the bunny ears. Many people asked what was up with it so I just let them know. Most of them seemed to of liked it. I felt so pretty.

Now, behold the glory that is day 2

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