Twisted Nightmare

I have a couple of friends who do professional wrestling, and they both will have matches down in San Diego this coming weekend. Sunday the 22nd.

You wanted more San Diego and now you got it. What A Drag Wrestling will be returning to the Spring Valley Gymnasium, and this time it’s going to get a bit…Broodish. With a star studded cast, we are happy to bring talents such as Wicked Wicket, Mike Rayne, newly crowned Prism champion Eric Moreau, El Chupacabra, Sinn Bohdi, and WWF Legend Gangrel!!! And let’s not forget our wonderful Drag Performers that will be in the building to keep you entertained between every match. 

More details to follow, but what’s for certain….you aren’t going to want yo miss this show. 

If you are in the area, you can buy tickets online. I’m pretty sure you can also buy them at the door. Anyway, I’ll be there covering the event.

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