Warcraft – Dracthyr Tech Tree

Time for the next part in my fan series, where I make up a bunch of tech trees for the playable races in World of Warcraft, and some enemy factions as if they would be playable in Warcraft 3. Because of massive boredom I have and I’ve always really liked Warcraft, especially the strategy games. Now before I was using the WoW Model Viewer, but here I was using the Wowhead dressing room. Because the latest version of the model viewer doesn’t work with the current expansion so I had to pull something else off. And how I was able to open the model viewer before? Emulation. At first I was using VirtualBox, but my computer has gotten to slow to run that, so more recently I was using Porting Kit.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old Gods | TwilightPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr | Mawsworn

Today is the Dracthyr, the latest playable race in WoW with the current expansion, which is slowing coming to an end. And for the moment this might seem like the last batch, but there might be a few more, but a lot still needs to be sorted out. Anyways, this group I’m doing something else to display my concepts, and it entirely had to do with how the Dracthyr are being shown in game. They have two different forms, the first is the Dracthyr, which when it has armor pieces on, it just shows the shoulder and belt. Then there is the Visage, which looks more human like, and all the armor pieces display properly. So if this campaign that I would love to exist was put together, and someone can rework the models so the Dracthyr from would wear all the pieces like what’s seen it the Visage from, this is what I have in mind.


Further more, in WoW the Dracthyr can only play as one class, the Evoker, which will end up changing in the next expansion. So each unit type that I’m conceptualizing will be a representative of a class already playable in WoW that I believe they could be playable as eventually, or a Dragonflight. There will be changes in the look being made on some things like the horns and the snout. Now to get to it, starting with the worker unit, which I have no name for, so for now it’s just the Worker.


Next batch is the combat units, and the ideas I have in mind for how they play out will be very different. The first is a tier 1, the Soldier, representing the Warrior class and Black Dragonflight, with an added ability to weaken the attack power of nearby enemy units. Next is the Templar, representing the Paladin, and will also be a tier 1 with the added ability to boost armor of nearby friendly units. Then another tier 1, the Slayer, representing the Rouge, and boosting the attack power of friendly units. I have in mind each of them will be slightly more powerful than a Footman on the human tree. And the last combat unit, the Ranger, representing the Hunter and Red Dragonflight. A ranged unit that also poisons enemy units with its attack. Now one of these units wouldn’t stand a chance against a tier 3 like a Knight or Abomination on it’s own, but with each of those abilities in play it will make a huge equalizer.

The next set, casters, is outright insane, because there will be a lot of them. Representing the Priest class, the Chaplain, mainly acting as a healing unit. Next us is the Arcanist, representing both the Mage class and the Blue Dragonflight, with spells to act as crowd control. As a representative of the Shaman class, will be the Spiritualist, making use of elemental powers. The Time Walker, representing the Bronze Dragonflight, with spells that speed up friendly units and slow enemies down. The Dream Warden, representing the Druids the Green Dragonflight, with nature based spells. And last, one I highly doubt will be a class for the Dracthyr, but you never know, the Fel Slinger, representing the Warlock class. Now, all this is just speculation of what classes the Dracthyr will be able to play as eventually. I don’t know what will happen, but I used all the original classes first seen in WoW after it was released.

As for siege units, most likely be a Ballista. For flying units, I don’t think they’ll have any. Likely because they’ll be very covered when it comes to combating them. And last set, the Hero units. Since as of now the the only class the Dracthyr can only play is the Evoker, each hero will be one of the three specs you can choose from. First is the Devastator, a high damage attack hero. Next is the Preservationist, who helps healing and protection. The Augmenter, mainly designed to increase the combat power of friendly units. And last, always need a close combat fighter, that I’m calling the Battlelord. Anyways, hope you all liked my ideas, especially if you are a Warcraft fan. And if you are coming from a modding site, please share your opinions.

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