Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie In Duluth

That awkward moment when you are onset for Baywatch, again back in the 90’s, still trying to get Pam Anderson’s implants for your time machine to get back home and it turns out you are on yet another episode of the Hulu show, Pam & Tommy. I really wanted to get home. Where am I? See the person sitting down in the dark shirt, straw hat, and over the guy shoulder? That’s me.

I was also on set for another scene for this episode where Tommy was at a The Viper Room. I was never used for that day, but hey, I was already on the show 3 times before so, ehh. On this day it was a pretty short day for us, and while sitting in holding, wardrobe gave me shorts and short socks because they figured that was appropriate. I had around a dozen bug bites on my ankles by the end of the night. But I still had fun.

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