WeHo Halloween ’16 Photos

Finally, they are online. I had fun like always, nice big party with music playing on stages set up for people to dance to. This time I finally had the chance to leave while the sun was still up, but hit some pretty hard traffic on the way there, so the sun was down by the time we made it over. Before heading to the blvd we got chipotle, because, $3 meals if you come in in costume. That felt really good. Anywho, like everyone year, taking photos is kind of annoying. Because of how dark it is flash just seems kind of weak so i have to adjust it, and I do forget to bring it up on some photos, so more editing there. Despite that, it is some of the most fun I have all year.

As you might have seen the other day, I did go as an instagram post. I figured that would bring me plenty of attention, and I got some, which made me happy.

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