WeHo Pride ’21 – Set 2

Here are some more photos from when I was in west hollywood for the small pride event they tried to hold. It was some fun still. Got more photos on saturday, and just the last on sunday because by the time I got there that day it was kind of late in the evening. Oh, and on saturday I got some nice shots of the Sustainable Sparkle Bar making everyone more pretty with their biodegradable glitter.

I did more clubbing on sunday and at one of the bars where everyone was dancing I kept getting bumped around like in a mosh pit, so it was a good time for all. And my friend who joined told me they noticed a lot of guys checking me out… Nice! But at the same time I always feel bad for guys that are attracted to me, because there really is nothing I can do other than show some love, but not the type they would prefer with me. But hey it was still a good time for all.

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