What did they do this time?

alright, this weeks winner is Michael with…

failed attempt at making a teepee.

alright, this week, as the title says, what did they do this time?

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  1. Dennis Wilen says:

    Pole dancer Thyme Juana didn’t leave much to the imagination — including her real identity — when she tried to induce TW employees to vote against a proposed labor union.

    Her strip tease to the self-composed ‘I Can Pull Your Cable Right Here, Fellas’ constitutes “an unfair labor practice” according to union organizers.

    “Shame on Thyme or whatever her name is,” said TW home unit installer Zack Geckleman outside the Wilshire Blvd office building he was picketing.

    “I tucked a $20 into her butt-thong and all she did was promise I’d come next Thursday between noon and five.”

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