Winter is Here

Today is the winter solstice, meaning this is the shortest day of the year meaning, the days are going to start getting long again. Yet a popular saying as of why winter happens has to do with the beliefs of some people who claim the figure known as Jesus is the reason behind such happening. That is of course false because it entirely has to did with the tilt of the earths axis.

But, I also remember as a kid learning about this story from Greek myth of Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demeter and Zeus, who was kidnapped by Hades, who also happen to be her uncle, by both parents. During her time in the Underworld her mother became enraged and decided to let freezing temperatures exist and cause plants to die till Persephone came back. While hanging with her new husband she ate seeds from a pomegranate thus making it so she belonged there.

Eventually a deal with struck making it so Persephone had to stay in the underworld a few months a year and during that time Demeter allowed winter to happen basically as her way of going strike. But that’s how old myth works, don’t know how to explain why such a phenomenon happens, make something up.

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