WonderCon ’13 Photos

Yes, they are online. I ended up taking off from my place saturday morning and it was a very long ride down to Anaheim so I really spent like a day and a half there. I should of left on friday. Oh well, I had fun. And there is a short video coming from someone else famous.

And now to post about things I saw and people I talked to, for example I ran into the Nerds Like Us guys dressed as Dark Helmet and Barf from Spaceballs. Meet the original Blue Ranger from the Power Ranger series, and the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld. Turns out he was in more stuff I’ve seen then I had once believed. Took part of a scavenger hunt created by the guys from Been Better Comics. Sadly I didn’t get the chance to show them photos of what I got on the list. Talked to the people from the TooSoon Comic booth and told them one thing I’m trying to do to get more people to like my page on facebook is when I get 500 likes on my page I’ll post a video of a toilet being destroyed. I think they said they want to help out on that because they want to see that video. Meet with a guy going by the name EJ De la Pena from the series Nobilty. He said it was like the Office in space. That kind of peaks my interest. And last before I took off I looked at the Cartoon Hangover booth and a guy there asked if I had seen Bravest Warrior. Told him I haven’t and signed a card for me saying to. So many things I need to watch.

To bad I was only there for 2 days, I knew I should of headed down on the first one.

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