Back home from ALA

I am now back home from 4 days of con. Day 0 started off with meeting a friend by her place and taking care of some business in the area, and then meet with the rest of the group of the hotel we stayed at. Went to the pool and meet with new people a long with some others I knew that came. During day 1 I did not sleep well that night so I spend much of the day being tired and heading back to my room to take a nap once in a while. Day 2 I got a lot more sleep this time around and found myself out starting before 11am till 3am. I had so much in me and found myself to be rather unstoppable. Day 3 I didn’t sleep as much but was out and ready for the day and still had some energy in me form the day before, and as it was winding down I found myself becoming tired. Well, at least I also ate very well and so many people loved my Loki costume. and now for photo of the famous sexy sax guy.

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