San Francisco Pride ’24

As of right now, it is not guaranteed I’ll be there. I’ve been wanting to go for years and never had the chance, mostly because it was the same weekend as another event I usually do out here, Hollywood Carnival. Then there was one year both events were on a different weekend from each other, I was excited about it because it was finally going to happen. That year was 2020. Both events were canceled because of the pandemic.

Two years later San Francisco Pride was officially back, but Carnival wasn’t yet I intended to go this time, I would have gone up with a friend and some other friends of his who have been going together for years. That was the same month I had covid. And even thought my body wiped it out by then it was better to stay behind. Carnival came back last year, and this year once again both events are on different weekends. But my friend who was going to go has another trip coming up later this year they want to save money for. And his other friends have other plans too.

So from the looks of it I could be on my own, but I do have another friend who is interested and we did talk about it. As of now they don’t know and will get back to me sometime next week. Also want to find other people interested on making the trip. I really want this to happen. Best of luck to me.

Photo from Do The Bay.

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