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New Things To Come?

My web host decided to contact me about my service and how I can get a better deal with them and easier use on my part. So, I might not have wordpress much longer, and I might have a new design. I don’t know what can happen but I’m genuinely curious what I might put together. This might take some time to it all to be compete.

Lockdown 2: The Revenge 0

Lockdown 2: The Revenge

Well, that didn’t work out. I mean, who would have thought so many people doing the wrong thing by meeting up in groups, getting close to each other, not wearing masks and claiming covid was a hoax would end up ruining everything? Like I knew would happen. I know some people will blame the protests against police brutality which doesn’t seem to be a factor. Not sure the Lockdown protests were either even though they were being more reckless. But I know the Tulsa Rally went bad.

I found out the Rose Parade is being canceled which happens on New Years. So with that news I’m not confident Santacon will happen.


From a Distance

Markers are still in place for where to stand when in line for something, everywhere to help prevent the spread of covid. I don’t think this is going to be our new normal, but do believe it’s going to be like this for a long time. Maybe it will end before christmas. Question is, which one?


In This Together

For those of you that actually visit the site, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve talked bout the mess happening because of the corona virus. Sorry I’m not giving much an escape. This has been hurting me and a lot of people I know, and seeing them freak out is much more worrisome for me.

I want to make some kind of database and use my web space for the moment at the least to help bring attention to others that run small businesses, are artists that aren’t selling as much work, those who work events but are unable to because of the cancelations and postponements, or anyone else effected that I’m overlooking. But as of now, this is about the little guys.


Parents Just Don’t Understand

I was on last nights episode of Mixed-ish, and was very noticeable in the back. Unfortunately this was the last show I was on and might be awhile till I’m on something again, completely because of corona virus. A lot of stuff has shut down because of it.

Anyways, originally I was supposed to be a coffee shop patron. I was there a few days before for a fitting to see what 80’s era closing would work best for me, and have ready for when I came back on set. Got there and gave me a completely different outfit because I guess the director or someone else thought I would work better as someone working at the joint.

One thing I particular funny that day was when I got to the stage I was on the other side of the counter and acting like I was working that job, so I asked one of the crew ladies what she would like to drink. She replied “I’ve had 3 expressos already” for the day and I said back, “Alright, one nyquil.” She had a good laugh at that.


Can This Year Just End?

This year did not start well for me. The first weekend after was good after Long Beach and No Pants, but rather slow since then. Events are getting canceled because of fears of the virus spreading, like South by Southwest, or pushed back like Coachella. Yesterday I learned my favorite convention, Ru Paul’s Dragcon was canceled this year, and today E3 Expo is the latest. I don’t know what’s next and this really bothers me because I need to go out and do stuff.

I’m not worried about catching anything because I recover from everything anyways. The need to move around is far too strong and it helps me out a lot. But if events like pride start getting canceled, we’re doomed.


New Design

At least for the time being. I’ve had the same one for most of the last decade, and it’s been really hard to find something new that fits what I’ve always had in mind to make. Here is a banner I made to use, but not sure I’ll end up using it at all. I’m going to be spending a lot of time figuring things out. But for now, this is what I shall be using. Who knows how long that will be for.


No Pants Metro Ride ’20 – Part 1

I got a nice bunch of photos this year, but for some reason this seemed a little smaller. I believe part of the reason was because the event page was made so so soon before it all happened so not as many people knew of it coming.

Anyways, I started off in Culver City, as I was the ride captain of that group. I had plenty of people I led, got them to Union where we met with the others coming from North Hollywood, Koreatown, Pasadena, East LA, and Willowbrook.

And well, the rest of the story will be on part two.


BOOM – NYE in WeHo

I didn’t get much in photos during this event. It might have been a good idea if I left much earlier in the day too, then I could have covered more, but noooo…. I had to wait till it was 9 to get on the metro so I can take advantage of the free rides from then till 2. Hopefully next time LA Metro will decide to start that up much sooner next new years eve.

Or maybe next year I’ll just go directly there.


It’s on Fire, Yo!

In the last few days heavy winds have been going through California, and like always, it brings about fires. It’s what we get for living in such a nice place. That and the high costs of most things.

To make things worse some areas are getting their power turned off to help prevent fires from being started by electoral equipment. And even thought the power lines around my place are underground that didn’t stop the blackout from happening this morning, and still happening into the night.

Then to make it worse, the fires made it more difficult to go on my, outing, for the day. I hate wind.