CicLAVia 6.23.13

Took me longer to post then I thought. So the day started off getting there later then I had originally planned but I made it anyways so all good, and Like the last CicLAvia in april I skated 22 miles. I started off on where Wilshire started in Downtown along Grand and rode to the other end near the Tar Pits where I hung out with another friend who spotted me and hung out for a while. After a while he mentioned that he was hungry and I went with him to find some food and we ended up riding over to San Vicente and just turned back to find something for him along the main route for the event. Ended up finding a Johnny Rockets and left him there because I wanted to get more photos in which I didn’t have much at the time.

Then I started riding back to where I had started and at one point near MacArthur Park I heard some guy playing some instrument, turned around and said he was also playing it while riding his bike. Start skating backwards and taking photos of him and hit another persons bike and fell. Yeah, me of all people, falling, that doesn’t make sense but it happened. I was fine to no surprise because I know how to safely fall with minimal injury. As I finished up my journey back to Downtown I started to notice my wrist was hurting. Don’t think I hit it on anything but was harsh. After hanging around downtown for a while I then headed back to the Fairfax end of the route and made it before the streets opened up again. Stayed for another while longer and let my feet relax because my blades have never been kind to my feet. I need a new pair but an upgrade to what I have would cost at least $250 US but not sure if I should get a new pair of Hockey Blades like I have now or Speed Skates.

Last I went take the bus back to the Red Line and the Metro App on my iPad wasn’t telling me the times on when it would be there so I skated up the street some and saw a bus coming, jumped on and made it back home. Now other stuff that happened, Like always there where venders selling stuff but I noticed a lack people people handing stuff out as a promotion, but there were churches in Koreatown handing out water bottles. I like Korean Christians, I really do, they are often so pleasant. Over all, I didn’t get as many photos as I would of liked but they came out nicely anyways. Oh, and there was a car that accidentally got on the route, but had help getting out at least.

Can’t wait for the next on in October.

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