Diablo Immortal

I spent a good part of the day playing this. Even thought it says the release date was supposed to be June 2nd, I woke up this morning with my ipad saying, its downloaded. Why did it download automatically? I set it too in the App Store. It’s pretty much an MMO for movie devices, but will also be on computer for those who prefer that option. Anyways, the first segment you save this town, then it activates the MMO part of the game and you see other players on screen. It’s kind of fun seeing other people running along side you to take down teams of bad guys.

So far I’m having fun, but still think it’s funny there was a guy during blizzcon one year that thought the announcement was a joke, and the guy on stage asking “don’t you guys have phones?” I would rather play on the iPad than my phone. Bigger screen and more power. Also the character customization is crazy. Maybe not as much as Elden Ring (which I hear is really cool), but still worth checking it out.

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