Something I’ve learned about dictators awhile back, they have this need to look tough out of the belief that if they aren’t seen as some kind of strongman they should have no right to be in control. A proper leader is one who is there to guide, advice, and be there is tough situations and encourage everyone work together, and without question be along side them.

Dictatorships also have this weird cult of personality when it comes to their leadership, and there is this need to glorify them as some kind of great warrior or fighter. But they just make you fight for them in their name as they sit back and hide. Now, why do I call the main trump support base, trump worshippers? Because of the cult like characteristic that I recognize form when I dealt with scientologists and learned about other cults. That and to be insulting. And if you make it important to push your leadership and yourself is strong, you are anything but.

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