E3 ’14 Photos

So from what I as able to check out it was interesting. I couldn’t get in because first of all tickets for a badge is a massive amount and it’s hard to get in as press because my site don’t rank very well at all. Anywho, Nivdia had themselves a tent outside the convention center with demos of games. I got to play the new Gauntlet game in the works and something also called Strife. Both of which I liked.

Something else cool was outside there a was truck handing out turkey legs in promotion of the Gauntlet game. They just ask you to take a photo and post it on social media which I did not get the email of the photo taken of me for some reason, oh well, I got some of other people from my own camera. Met a couple of people standing by a bus to promote another game called Sunset Overdrive and looking at the trailer for it, looks kind of fun. Ran into some other friends of mine, two are going to be on a show from which they were asked question of whether the name given to them is a Kings player or someone from the show Game of Thrones. May I’ll post a link on that later.

Well, hopefully more people will start going to this site and maybe I’ll get in next year.

#nvidia #E32014

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