So I finally got to see it for myself. It was almost unreal, amazing. So here is how it went down. Before I left my place I questioned to myself “should I bring my rollerblades? they are a bit heavy when being carried around when off and not sure I would need them much. And the bus should drop me close enough anyways so I should be good.” What the plan was I had in mind was get to this mall by Crenshaw and MLK Blvd before 2 because thats when Endeavor would be there by and sit for a half hour before taking off again. I got there before 1:30 so I figured it would make some sense to walk down the street some to see on the way and there would also be fewer people blocking my view.

I walked down Crenshaw for over 3 miles to get to a point just a block or two from Florence because one part of the side walk was so full of people I couldn’t get any further, but I did see it coming in form the distance… VERY, SLOWLY! So slowly it was in fact maybe over 2 hours behind schedule and will be very late. So I found myself a nice little spot, and waited as it come by. That was the coolest thing. After that, in order to head back home I had to walk through some neighborhood so I can get ahead of the shuttle again and not have to go through so much of a crowd back to the expo line station.

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