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To the Moon…

Just a shot I got of a friend of mine in Little Tokyo awhile ago. Thought I posted this before but I guess not.



So I finally got to see it for myself. It was almost unreal, amazing. So here is how it went down. Before I left my place I questioned to myself “should I bring my rollerblades? they are a bit heavy when being carried around when off and not sure I would need them much. And the bus should drop me close enough anyways so I should be good.” What the plan was I had in mind was get to this mall by Crenshaw and MLK Blvd before 2 because thats when Endeavor would be there by and sit for a half hour before taking off again. I got there before 1:30 so I figured it would make some sense to walk down the street some to see on the way and there would also be fewer people blocking my view.

I walked down Crenshaw for over 3 miles to get to a point just a block or two from Florence because one part of the side walk was so full of people I couldn’t get any further, but I did see it coming in form the distance… VERY, SLOWLY! So slowly it was in fact maybe over 2 hours behind schedule and will be very late. So I found myself a nice little spot, and waited as it come by. That was the coolest thing. After that, in order to head back home I had to walk through some neighborhood so I can get ahead of the shuttle again and not have to go through so much of a crowd back to the expo line station.

Yeah, it was better to leave the rollerblades behind.

Space Shuttle Endeavor In LA 0

Space Shuttle Endeavor In LA

I tried to do some hunting from when it was flying around the area to get some shots of it but was a no go. Thing flew around way to fast showing it’s self around the place. Starting off at Edwards Air Force Base just north from LA, then flying to Sacramento and the Bay Area then back down here; Flying by places like Universal, Hollywood, Downtown, Disneyland, the Getty, Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and finally LAX where it landed. Just wish I got some photos of that, oh well, here is a nice one I found online.

Sonic Boom 0

Sonic Boom


was at my place when i heard about the shuttle landing around here in california, so i set my video camera up in hopes i can record it flying across the area my camera is pointed at. when I heard the boom it sounded it came from someone where else so no you don’t get to see it, but you do hear it, kind of.

Sonic Boom