Erase Me!

I was in Hollywood yesterday to be part of a scene for the new Bill and Ted movie, Face the Music. In the scene there is show being done by Kid Cudi, who I’ve honestly never heard of till a few days ago, but thought he put on a good performance. I did see Alex Winter there too but no Keanu Reeves.

Anyways, something that was different about this was the director did say it was ok for us to pull out our phones to take photos or video. I guess it’s to help promote the movie. The reason I thought that was a bit strange is that when you are a background actor, agencies like Central Casting (who I’m registered with) ask you don’t take any photos or video on set. Some shows you go on might have to sign an NDA. But, I remember when on set for Stumptown they did ask us to pull our phones out but pretend to record the concert we were at for that scene.

Anywho, Bill and Ted Face the Music is in theaters in August.

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