From the recent article Hefner wrote in Playboy

So some of you out there might have been noticing how completely insane many Republican leaders seem to be and only do nothing but to prove how out of touch with realty they are. First of all Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” remark. Paul Ryan, the running mate of Romney who pushed to redefine rape. Steve King, who “Never Heard of Anyone Getting Pregnant by Statutory Rape.” Sharon Angle and Rick Santorum saying you shouldn’t have an abortion because thats God’s plan, or that it’s a gift from God. And a truck load of other people whose stupidity is absolutely monstrous. Really, I can keep going.

So a few days ago Playboy founder Hugh Hefner wrote an article about Sexual Freedom and he once wrote in the pages of his own magazine, “When religion rather than reason dictates legislation, do not expect logic with your law.” Come on, you know he is right. When you have people so incredibly uptight on something so stupid, where TWO adults are doing something they choose to do together thats not hurting anyone at all, and you have to make laws against it? And then you have to make other laws on what rape is? then making it look like as if it is fine? You clearly wish to bring downfall to you own society. And I made this.

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