Jane Fonda

That awkward moment when you are at the beach, on set for Baywatch, still trying to get Pam Anderson’s implants to fuel your time machine to get back home, and it turns out you are once again, in a scene on the Hulu Miniseries, Pam and Tommy.

I was playing a grip this time. But where am I? See the guy in the pink shirt on the left side? I’m the guy in the dark blue shirt just behind him. It was cold, windy, and cloudy much of that day, and I got a slight sunburn still. Anyways, if you haven’t see this show, do so, it’s really good, and totally crazy. I look forward to the next episode this week.

Also a fun little fact. There was another scene in this episode where Tommy made a really good, huge meal for Pam, has to do with the real Tommy Lee, that he loves to cook. My sister has also helped him out at a store she used to work at to, and told me he was really nice.

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