LA No Pants Subway ’12 photos

Yes! they are online now. Alright now let me tell you about my adventure, first thing I did was I went down to Hollywood to find the right phone store because I was having a problem with mine and I wanted it fixed so I can use it again. During this extra trek I was finding that my timing seemed to of been going well then I started heading back over to North Hollywood to meet with my crowd for the ride to Union Station. So as I was heading over to union one of the people I was talking to on the ride over had the idea we run over to the other cars and meet with idea people on them and take more photos and after riding the train for a half hour we finally made it.

Greeting us at Union Station was a larger number of people that rode over from other lines in LA coming from Pasadena, East LA, and Koreatown. After roaming around the place for 30 to 45 minutes we all hopped back on the red line going to Hollywood once again for a group photo at the Chinese Theatre and then just wander about the area.

Lots of people on the subway come to discover this and found it very funny, while others clearly looked disturbed and likely wanted to shoot themselves in the face. Pants are for Squares.

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