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My First Vine 0

My First Vine

I recorded this awhile ago and happen to be just putting this online now. What took me so long?


West Hollywood Halloween ’14 Photos

Finally, after that long wait they are online. I was also at Stan Lee’s Comikaze today which would explain why it took so long. I went down going as Green Lantern this year, something I’ve been wanting to do since 2010, before the movie came out with Ryan Renolds, figuring it knowing the movie is coming out the next year and with everyone knowing who that is and likely not thinking of it would work out. But was Jesus instead that year. Then Hesher, then Loki, then last year Timmy Turner which I’ve been wanting to do for even longer.

Before heading down I knew all to well that it was going to rain, but expected it to be light and not only for a short time, and I was right, for a while tip it started falling hard at around 11 and did so for a good while. We decided to take off a bit early because of it, mainly because of how much harder it would be to take photos. But over all it was a good night.

I just hope it doesn’t rain next year.


The Departed

Over in Hollywood today Samsung held an event where you would turn in your old SLR camera (and drop it off in this bin) for a newer one from them. Either the NX30 or the NXmini. I found myself looking at the NX30 which looks more like an SLR and uses interchangeable lenses.

They ran out and from there only started giving out the mini. I decided to hold on to mine, but it was sad looking at this. Some people dropped their camera in, others threw it, and one guy I saw slam it in. I can’t do something so harsh to mine because I would feel I’m saying my camera has failed me when it’s helped give me a sense of propose. Someday I will replace it, but for now I will keep using it. Mainly because I need money to get a new body.But I still have my eye on this.


Hollywood Zombie Walk ’14

The first zombie walk I did was two years ago, it was crazy, and it was fun. Sadly I missed last years because I didn’t know it happened to afterwards but this time around I know. Pretty much the info you need is on the flyer here, the guy who sets up the event made his own before but because I can I made my own. But if you are interested in more you can always go on the event page set up on Facebook, twitter, or the tumblr page.


Stupid Puny Shield!

Why can’t I punch through it?

Today at Amoeba in Hollywood they held an event related to Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out on DVD and Blu Ray, where you can buy the movie there and get meet with some of the directors of the movie and have it signed. They also had a vending machine with a mass of USB devices. After you picked it up you would walk to a nearby truck with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it, plug it in the computer inside and see what prize you won. It could be a free DVD, tickets to see Age of Ultron, or what I got, a lithograph, which is actually kind of cool. I’ll post that up later. I did got a few photos but wanted to post this one first. I found her going as the Winter Soldier and figured I could get something fun, saw the guy with the mini shield and had her punch it.


So I was playing a game and…

The game being Plants vs Zombies 2 on my iPad and after playing a level this popped up as the in game ad. So it seems someone more useless then me, still, has a game out with her likeness and making money off of it. After some quick reading on the game it also seems insanely stupid. Now I’m sure there are people that would say to me, “You are jealous that you’re not as famous, rich, or as pretty as her.” Sorry, but the reason I don’t like the Kardashian/Jenner family is because they are famous for the wrong reasons and it mostly has to do with their stupidity. Oh, and I’ve hung out with much better famous people to, like Christina Milian.


LA Pride ’14 Photos

As I do every year during the parade, I find myself a way in. This year I was with PFLAG and we were asking to wear red. I put on my shawarma shirt. I got there about 20 minutes later then I wanted to but even then I was still early. I put on my blades and rode from the end of the route to where everyone was gathering, found my group, introduced myself and hung for a bit. I also saw there was some time left before everything started so I went over to see the other floats, talked to some other people and took more photos.

After, 20 minutes we got on Santa Monica Blvd and started walking along the street and soon after our group was announced I hear the name Betty DeGeneres. I rolled up to her and asked “Ellen’s mother?” I gave her a hug and said that I love her daughter. I later got a photo with her which was taken by a friend using his camera so I’ll post that later. While the parade was going on I’ve heard a name shouted out to me a few times and each one I know was to me, Jared Leto. A nice hand full of people called me over, wanted to give me hugs, get photos with me, and play with my hair some. Some other people called me Jesus… [sigh], lame.

After the parade came to an end I, as every year went up and down the blvd to find other people and things to take photos of. After a while I ran into a guy I know and then some others and just ended up hanging out together. At one point I took a photo of one person, talked for a bit and she asked how we’ve like the festival also going. I told her we don’t have tickets because we didn’t want to have to spend $20 per person and then asked, “how many of you ate there here?” and just handed us some free passes. Much love to her.

We went inside and by then it was already getting kind of dark. Wandered around, hung out and had more people stop me saying they love my hair. I’m kind of glad I kept it long for this because I had thought about cutting my hair before the event but I was advised to do so afterwards.

Also, to many hot lesbians


So I might be on Iranian TV

While in Hollywood I was walking with a friend of mine and I see these two guys, one wit ha mic and the other with a camera. They started walking up to me and I said “oh no.” They asked what was wrong and I said “well I see guys with camera and mic and I know this can’t be good” or something long the lines of that. So they ask me if I know who the person named on the star is here and replied “isn’t that some former Iranian leader dude?” and the whole time they are trying to convince me he’s some kind of big time actor and I keep saying “that looks like a sticker placed on the star, look at the others, there is also a logo on the others symboling what they are known for.” They really tried and I asked what has he been in. They also tried convincing my friend of it and I just went in saying “look I can start peeling this off here.”

Yeah, there was no way they could trick me, but they played well.