LA Pride ’13 Photos

That was a good day, it was really was. Here is how the day went. I went over with a friend of mine and took the bus and dropped off near where the parade was going to end. and then started heading up to the start while also taking some other photos along the way. Found the protesters, trolled them shortly and then started heading to the beginning of the parade route again. I was walking with the NOH8 Campaign group, or in my case, they were walking while I was on my blades. It actually took quite awhile for our group to start moving but it was nice when it finally did. As we went a long the route I found more people with interesting shirts and other costumes I took more photos of.

After the parade was over people would either go into the festival or just hang around Santa Monica Blvd and just party along there. Met some people promoting Bent Con, letting me know some nerds are gay, which is true because I know many gay nerds. Got a free coupon for a burrito at Chipotle, and one of the girls with the group gave me an orange cowboy hat. Ran into some of the Angel City Derby Girls again like I did back during the last CicLAvia like 2 months ago, and they got a game coming up this weekend. Later I found myself dancing for some of the people at Eddie’s Barber Shop, and by dancing I mean head banging and thrashing around because I don’t dance. They thought I was awesome anyways. Walked around more, talked to other people and took more photos, and took part of all kinds of wackiness.

I also met Christina Milian during the parade. She also joined in with the NOH8 group and didn’t even recognize her. And to think I spend a good part of my afternoon talking to her not realizing who she really was. It just upsets me that it has to end.

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