Libraries: Last Week Tonight

Something I’ve always remembered about libraries from when I was a kid is thinking they are all about checking out books. Later on with the rise of the internet I noticed they can be used for that too, getting online. In fact the last time I was in a library was just to use the wifi. It’s a rare thing for me to enter one, but I understand their importance.

I was watching this segment from John Olivers show, last week, I learned a few more things like, how you can rent stage objects like a mounted Crane, as in the bird. Anyways much of what John talks about how is how Public Libraries are under attack over bogus claims like trying to sexualize kids. And much of the time people complaining at board meetings either don’t have kids or aren’t from the town. Funding gets cut, and people complain how they need them and it’s over all their fault for listening to liars who are anti-education. At least they are anti-education for the public at large.

But for the whole, “we must protest the kids!” thing, it just reminds me of something my great-grandmother told me about when she was alive, that there was a narrative pushed convincing people not to let their kids goto high school claiming, “all they do is teach how to have sex there!” Which I talked about in another post. Somethings just never change with some people. And they sure like to reuse tactics that are decades, and even centuries old.

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