Warcraft – Old Gods Tech Tree

It’s back, another post of my on going fan series asking, would it be possible if the playable races, along with some enemy factions in World of Warcraft could be put together as a playable tech tree like what’s seen in Warcraft 3? With the help of the WoW Model Viewer to help create some of my visual concepts.

Human | Dwarf | Gnome | Draenei | WorgenOrc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken | Blood Elf | Goblin
Scourge | Legion | Naga | Old GodsPandaren | Tuskarr | Dracthyr
Flesh Beast

Here we have the forces of the Old Gods. Now back when I started conceptualizing all of this I had in mind there would be a mix of some of their forces, like Nerubian, Faceless Ones, Silithid, and some others. But I felt like that would take identity away from some of those subgroups. Especially those beings only found in certain regions. So I decided each of the Arthropod like creatures, like the Nerubian, Silithid, Aqir and Mantid will have their own trees. But they will most likely be treated like sub-races, like the Naga, Draenei and Fel Orcs were originally in Warcraft 3.

K’thir Archer
Void Hound

Any ways, if I post them up it will likely be on a much later date because there is still a lot to sort out, so as of now I decided that the main group of Old God forces will have more of a Cephalopod and tumorous growth theme to them. And after Battle for Azeroth came out it helped allow more possibilities in unit types. Anyways it’s time to start things off, with the worker, which as of now I’m calling it the Disciple. Just a simple worker type unit based on the K’thir. I also have in mind it would summon buildings like the Undead does in Warcraft 3.

Faceless Darkweaver
K’thir Shadowpriest

Next for the combat units starting with the Flesh Beast as the tier 1. The ranged unit will be the K’thir Archer. Unfortunately, I can’t attach weapons on non-playable character models in the Model Viewer, so if you are wondering why they aren’t holding anything, that’s why. And last the tier 3, Faceless One Terror, based on the creep seen in Warcraft 3, but with some stat changes. Then I’m going to add one more combat type unit, the Void Hound. It will act like the Kodo Beast on the Orc tree.

Blood Fiend
Flying Serpent

Next up is the casters, the first is the K’thir Shadowpriest. the next unit is the Faceless Darkweaver, based on another Faceless One creep, but called Unbroken, and once again will have stat changes. Last is the Blood Fiend. Not sure what role it will play but I would make it a caster.

For the next group of units, the siege, it will likely be some kind of Ballista, and the flying unit will be the Flying Serpent.

And last, the hero units. The first being the Beholder, based on the in game mob. Some versions of this mob in game are also classed demons, but there is also the Observers so that will be the version only seen with the demons. Next is the K’thir Bishop, which will be like the Archmage on the human tree. The C’Thrax, also known in some places as the Faceless One General. And last, what I’m calling the Flesh Corruption, based on Il’gynoth.

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