So I’m going to have a problem. Now, I’m not going to run out of space to upload files, but I’m going to run out of number of files I can have on my domain for reasons that I’m pretty sure is beyond my host’s control. I started this site as project my web design class before the last decade, and I’m sure I did well in that class. So much has change in well over a decade and as everyone knows, I have a lot of images put online for the world to see, and Anime Expo is about to happen so I need to find a new place to load photo albums to help bring some relief, even if its temporary.

I worry I might have to start putting albums on a site like imgur (which don’t get wrong, I like) But I prefer to host it myself. Even worse, I worry I might have to look through old albums too and transfer photos and modify the posts. And that will take a really long time.

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