Love Island

I would make this one of my “that awkward moment” posts, but based on some reactions I’ve seen from some people with a more conservative view point, it will be taken out of context or a completely wrong way not realizing I’m making a joke. Anyways, this is a shot from The Morning Show. Yeah, I got on again, and I was there for this scene which was a reenactment of the Jan 6th siege. But anyways, I was unable to find myself in this scene, but believe I’m some place in the back here.

I remember the details suggested to bring any clothing that would look like something a trump supporter would wear, or displays some kind of american iconography, so I wore my obama shirt. Of course the logo was hiding under the jacket I was wearing. I showed some people the shirt, they had a good laugh. I don’t think anyone on set there was a trump supporter. One guy there said he never thought he would see the day he would dress up like a clown. I was given a prop of a fake brick and said “this makes the anarchist in me very happy.” Another guy told me he felt my joy on that.

Anyway, photos from LA Comic Con will be coming online soon. I’m just up to a lot lately. But for now, shot form the show.

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