Philippines Election

As must as I’ve heard people commenting of the affairs of other nations saying “that’s none of your business.” Well, there is truth in that, but that doesn’t mean some kind of concern can’t be shown. It’s pretty well known the US and other european nations like the UK, France, and Spain are responsible for their messed up behavior to lands that were colonized by them, and steps need to be taken to make up for such actions.

But something else really messed up is those places that ended up becoming their own nation have ended up with dictators in power and there is history not only repeating itself in places like the Philippines, but taking notes from our failed leaders reusing their tactics. To be a head of state, you are meant to be there to lead, not rule over and live a lavish life style at the hands of the people you are supposed to serve. And you only care about making yourself look strong, you only prove how weak minded and insecure of a person you truly are.

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