School suspends cancer survivor teen over hair he plans to donate

Now, the reason I am posting this is the fact I am also a guy with hair I grew up because I donate. Right now it is past time to cut it and I need to find time to do that because it is half way down my back. A friend of mine sent me this link over facebook likely because she knew I wold be bothered by it and yes I was so I felt I needed to also share it around. Now the reason for the kid being suspended has to do with a school policy saying boys must have there hair “clean, neat, free of unnatural or distracting colors, off the collar, off the ears and out of the eyes.” Sad if you ask me because as a kid I don’t remember any school I went to doing anything like that. A Petition been set up for the school to chance this policy and a lot of people have signed it. Maybe you can to. But this whole grow your hair out thing to donate makes me think, what have I started?

Also here is something I found on reddit the other day that I thought was really stupid.

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