IATSE Strike

If you haven’t noticed much but I kind of make it known I’m in the entertainment industry, pretty much as background. Currently there is a dispute between unions like IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) against the what’s known as the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) in relations to working conditions many crew people are set too.

Of the times I’ve been on set there are moments I’ve talked to some crew people that have said they’ve had 16+ hour days. And I have reason to believe that because they are there before I am, and leave after. The best idea I have in mind for that is to have two different crews during filming, and the second to start working along side for an hour or two and then the first team can be dismissed.

I’ve wanted to be in entertainment since I was a kid, I’m comfortable in front of and behind the camera, and there are many others who have dreamed to be there and just end up feeling like they made a mistake. I don’t think I’ve made a mistake personally, but do wish I can be more involved with the production. Partly to help give some relief too much of the clearly over worked crew.

I mean, I do try to humor them with some of my antics. Like when I was on Mixed-ish, acting as a coffee shop worker, I asked one lady what she would like to drink, and told me she already had 3 expressos. Then acting like an actual worker I said “alright, one nyquil” and she laughed. I understand their days are long and hard, and I want to bring a little joy to it, but I also want them to be treated properly.

I stand with them. Also I have no idea who made this graphic (that I got from here), but I have seen a few people wear shirts with it.

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