alright, so the idea behind the Squirrel’s is that they are my versions of elves (like that seen in lord of the rings and warcraft), excellent with the bow and fast. A problem I had was drawing the eyes because they have there’s on the sides of there heads, for now I’m going to keep it like that but how would it shoot an arrow? like we do and looking forward or from one side of the head and had one eye closed?

or should I decide to make the eyes on the front of the face like people do? oh well, here is what I have for now

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2 Responses

  1. fa says:

    A squirrel likely wouldn’t use a bow and arrow. Think this through. Animals with eyes on either side of their head are typically herbivores or scavangers. There don’t really have to stalk, hunt, and kill their food. Animals with both eyes facing forwards are typically carnivores. They need the binocular vision for depth perception.

    It would be hard to shoot a ranged weapon without depth perception. Furthermore, the hell does a squirrel need to use a bow and arrow for? I don’t know that many trees that present a moving target.

  2. shark says:

    yeah, I’ve always known about the whole placement thing and for what reason they are like that. I would think if they are on the sides of the head you might be better at close combat, because you can see better more around you on what is coming to attack you and have a better chance to defend yourself or run away.

    but as I said, I have them in mind as my version of an elf. if I guess for something that uses ranged weapons mostly better to have eyes on front

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