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Comikaze ’14 – Day 3 Photos

Day 3 at the con, got there way later then I wanted to, and since it was the last day, closed earlier. At least I got a better chance to meet with some people that I wanted to, since saturdays tend to be the most hectic. Really not much else to say in it all, but I enjoyed myself for the, rather short amount of time I was there.

And now to get ready for the next party coming up this weekend, Bent-con. Then nothing else that I know of up until Santacon next month for LA. But if you are not in LA, check to see if it’s being planned in your area.

Can’t wait for this madness to happen.


Comikaze ’14 – Day 2 Photos

After my night in West Hollywood getting rained out, I went out the next day for more at the LA Convention Center for Comikaze. I would of went down on the first day, friday but I wanted to get myself ready for the night first, and it would of been a hassle getting back to my place and then head back out again. I got there later then I wanted because my bus and train decided they wanted to be 30 minutes late, each, but none the less, I meet with a friend and headed down to see everything that is happening. I would definitely say it’s getting bigger and I kind of like that because of how interactive it seems to be with people.

Plus the giant stage in back were everyone comes up to to hold panels and the cosplay contests seems to help.

Also I was there as Timmy Turner, once again.


Comikaze Expo ’14

So this will be happen on the coming weekend. And we all know how much I like conventions. And even better, it’s starting on Halloween. Though I won’t be there on day one, for I will be getting myself ready for the night in West Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see it for yourself anyways.


Comikaze ’13 Photos

So this weekend I decided I should head down to the convention center and check out the event going on. I was there friday for like 2 hours and I also headed down saturday for the afternoon and evening. On sunday (today) I decided to stay home to take care of some other things here. Now something I discovered during the event going on was some recording of the show Heroes of Cosplay and I met Victoria Schmidt and Jinyo Hui who were on the show and told them “you know I keep watching it and thinking, why am I doing this to myself?” I also met The Defuser, Parthenon, and Lemuria from the show Who wants to be a Superhero? in which I didn’t know they would be there. Not as big as Anime Expo but still a lot of stuff going on.

If only I joined in the last day.

Dino Andrade 0

Dino Andrade

So while at Comikaze last weekend, I noticed a familiar face who also very much remembered me from Comic Con ’09. Didn’t know I could be so memorable after 3 years from first meeting someone. Voice actor Dino Andrade, meeting with fans, signing stuff, and taking photos with them. But when I saw him at Comic Con before he was promoting his site SoulGeek which is a dating site for more nerd like people, and if you ask me thats a good idea. Any who, one of the things he was telling me about is he’s done some voice overs for some characters in the game World of Warcraft like the Gnome racial leader High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. So then I was telling him about how I’m doing some experimentation in Photoshop with 3D models, and how I’ve figure out a way to export Warcraft models in a format I can open up in photoshop which in turn has some 3D tools to use in the program itself and wanted to see if I can pull this off. Take a photo of him and add Mekkatorque in almost as if they are in the photo together. I know, strange but it’s something neat to play around with. Still a lot to figure out with the 3D stuff, more so wonder how some of the polys look so hard edged on the face. Also need to figure out the alpha problem.


Comikaze ’12 – Day 2 – Final

So here they are, photos from the second and last day, took more this time around. How the day started off this time was I went up to the press booth and let them know that I had emailed them a few times asking about getting a press or pro pass but never heard from them. So they asked me a few questions and if I had a card just to make sure I was legit and got what I was after. Now, a long with taking more photos I really roamed around the exhibit hall a lot more and talked to the artists, actors, writers, vendors and such.

For example I saw The League of S.T.E.A.M. guys again from when I saw them at Comic Con in which I still haven’t seen the videos on the site but I should because it has one of the writers from Batman Beyond and Justice League, and I enjoyed those shows a lot. I also ran into someone I knew in Moorpark awhile back in the artist ally, selling some of her drawings and such which I’m not sure I’ve seen any of her work before till last weekend. I would say it’s all good. And there was Steven E. Gordon whose done work on X-Men: Evolution and long with a few other shows and movies I liked only to later find out he worked on a lot more stuff I liked. And lot of good art on his site along with some neat drawing tricks. And last I found this booth with fossils and replica of different animals like a Smilodon skull and Megalodon Tooth to help promote Jurassic Con and the Cooper Center Paleontology Lab. Come on, I like that kind of stuff to.

You know what, I had a lot more fun then I expected I would.


Comikaze ’12 – Day 1

So the day started off heading down the convention center with a couple of friends of mine ready to cause some mayhem. It was rather hot out to. So we get in line and for our passes. I was going to ask them about a problem I was having in which that I emailed them asking about the possibility of getting some kind of press or professional pass and never heard from anyone, but then I had someone come up to me saying they had a bunch of extra tickets and gave me one of them so I used that for the day. Mainly what I did was take photos of people and talked to those I was hanging with. Wasn’t exactly a big con but then again it is still relatively new so it very much has room to grow.

Sundays photos will be up late tonight or tomorrow.

Back from Comikaze 0

Back from Comikaze

So about two months ago a friend of mine invited me to join in on on the 2nd Comikaze expo here in LA and I figured, “why not, sounds like fun.” The event was for only two days, Saturday and Sunday and it was was fun. Not a lot of people but I found it to be rather interactive between fans, artists and the guest celebrities. They also had this zombie Apocalypse Obstacle course set up that I didn’t do but heard was fun. Anywho, here is some video for that while I edit my photos.

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE from Comikaze Expo on Vimeo.