Comikaze ’12 – Day 1

So the day started off heading down the convention center with a couple of friends of mine ready to cause some mayhem. It was rather hot out to. So we get in line and for our passes. I was going to ask them about a problem I was having in which that I emailed them asking about the possibility of getting some kind of press or professional pass and never heard from anyone, but then I had someone come up to me saying they had a bunch of extra tickets and gave me one of them so I used that for the day. Mainly what I did was take photos of people and talked to those I was hanging with. Wasn’t exactly a big con but then again it is still relatively new so it very much has room to grow.

Sundays photos will be up late tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Day 2? 🙂 I was the female predator. Just seeing if you posted the picture you took.

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