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LA Hands 0

LA Hands

so last week i just found out about this contest to help promote LA to tourist. so far my video isn’t coming to bad but i still have a lot to do. one thing i have in mind to use for it is this i had really just made as like a corner logo like you see on TV stations while you are watching something.

just posting this really to show the people i’ve met with already for my video how things are going.

Oh Contest I’ll likely Lose 0

Oh Contest I’ll likely Lose

Something i just came across to win some neat little computer gear for yourself. Of course if i win I’m just going to ebay because it is likely none of it will be of...

A Walk in the Park 0

A Walk in the Park

a video i made for some contest, that sucked anyways. forgot to post on here a while ago so here it is. also it’s bad

Evil Ex #8 0

Evil Ex #8

So on the site Deviantart, they had a contest for the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which I HAVE YET TO SEE, ugh, but I will. The idea behind it is to create an 8th evil ex and create them in anyway you can think of. so I used my photoshop skills without surprise.

the powers behind this guy? generates anti-matter. wasn’t sure what it would look like so I just made purple flames just to get some from of a type of energy blast to itself project as. i don’t know, the idea works for me so i went with it.

Caption 1.29.10 2

Caption 1.29.10

this weeks winner is Rose with

“Who’s ready for more fresh stem cells?!”

now for this weeks photo


Caption Contest 1.22.10

I like to thank the everyone that posted for my first one last week, I think it was a nice start. but now I must say the winner is… Onichi with…

“What? You thought the Tin Man was the only one without a heart?”

good job, now here is this weeks photo. I hope to see more posts during the week.


Caption Contest

alright, so I’m still trying to do what I can to get more people to come to my site, so I figure why not try this out. Every friday I’ll post a photo of mine of something strange and see what interesting or funny things people have to say about it, and I’ll post the name and quote from the winner the week before. You don’t really win anything because I have no prizes, but I hope someday that can come to happen. But just want to say before hand, I can’t promise anything. I would like to see how creative people are, and I know a lot of you out there can come up with something good.

here is this weeks image, lets see who can crack me up most

Me on Me – HP contest 1

Me on Me – HP contest

this took 2 days to make with constant interruptions the whole time and missing half of one of the days everything was make by me except the background music i would have had done better masking effects but i didnt have time so i had to rush somethings
over all i hope everyone likes and hope i win because its hard when the computer you do all your work on you got back in 2000

also i think its funny that if i win, that this video was make on a mac

Me on Me – HP contest