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Dress in Drag

So a few days ago people complained about something else stupid. I just think it’s strange that things we have seen in Bugs Bunny cartoons, Pokémon, and Disney shows like Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers no one seems to care about, but when it comes to live action everyone panics? Also if you noticed I also put in a couple of shots from the movie Shakespeare in Love which I always remembered seeing that very clip in commercials for it around when it came out in theaters. Now I don’t plan on seeing the play Kinky Boots, even if it comes to LA because I really don’t care for musicals but I’m not going to stop anyone from going to see it if they want to.

To the Cosplayers 1

To the Cosplayers

I came across this graphic recently of cosplayers thanking us photo guys for our hard work and dedication as photographers, which I find strange because they are the ones that spend the time and money putting these outfits together. I just walk up to them and say “hey, can I take a photo?” and post it online for everyone to check out. So I felt I should make something back showing them some love. Now yes, sometimes I might also dress up myself, like when I was Loki during ALA or once dressed up as Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, but my costumes are usually made up of stuff I have already or buy at the store and just put on. Many of those people actually make them from materials they buy from various stores, while studying the photos of who they are dressing up as so they can get it just right. More power to them.

SlutWalk – New Location 0

SlutWalk – New Location

For some strange reason there was a problem with Pershing Square, not sure what but now it’s being moved. Here is the updated info.

Dapper Day on the Subway! 0

Dapper Day on the Subway!

An event by railLA, a Whistle-stop tour of historic Los Angeles! We’ll dress up and take to the rails in dapper attire to celebrate the history, culture, and future of Los Angeles and its rail lines!

Those who ‘dress dapper’ will be invited to attend art shows, tours, meet ups, and free events along the rail lines in LA. All that is required is a ticket to ride the rails and you – dressed up in your dapper attire of choice. Part performance art, part cultural experiment, Dapper Day on the Subway is about exploring the lost luxury and convenience of rail travel, embracing rail as a gateway to culture, and having a lot of fun while doing it!

railLA is hosting our first Dapper Day on the Subway this year on Sunday, April 29, 2012.

For more info including a schedule of events, please visit: http://dapperday.railla.org/


Tell me a story

so a while back at my college I came into this situation with a few girls in interesting outfits dancing around in this one area of the school. so I did what anyone else would, take some photos, and this one in particular has a story to it, hence the title. and yes the dress is in part made from trashbags

and now to business. this weeks winner is… Onichi with

Hell no, i am not jumping in. I can see where the chemical colored urine is

i saw that and thought right away that new movie coming out Grown Ups at the end of the trailer. do pools really do that?

anywho, I want to know what is the story behind this? and don’t make it to long