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Holiday Card ’13

Took a little longer to make then I wanted but here it is also I didn’t plan on putting the dogs in but it happened anyways.


Gnarly Wrap Job

While on reddit before Christmas I saw a couple of albums posted of some really crazy wrap jobs people did to their siblings just to be annoying, and told my sister about it because I thought it was funny. So then she decided to do that to me. This year I didn’t really ask for much, in fact I think all I asked for was for some new batteries for my SLR being I only have one left thats any good. But what I got was a pair of warm socks that would be useful for something later, this cover below and I’m currently waiting for the iPad that goes with the cover but it was ordered a little to late to be at my place for Christmas.

so, can’t wait.


Holiday Card ’10

I was having trouble thinking of a good card to make this year, and a friend of mine give me an idea after discovering his hero Christian Bale played Jesus in a movie awhile back. that is all I can think of to write on this post, enjoy.


Holiday Card ’09

Might as well post this up, I really should make more holiday involved stuff over the year. This is not the first time I’ve made stuff for this time of the year, first card I made was years ago and used the old shark. One year I made a short very crappy cartoon that I might post up later on, and last year made a card that I was rather happy with. May also post later also but for now this years.