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Cyclops 0


Yeah, trying to get myself back in the rhythm. This should be fun. Anywho, I’ve been working on a group of photos for some people which turns out they wanted me to do a little more with them then I expected. oh well, I like a challenge. But I’m tired and should sleep soon.

Sphinx 3


An all new design to what we all know the Sphinx to look like. I imagine it to be a creature that lives in the desert and a predator, and with a human head and a cat like body it won’t exactly be that good of a hunter or any good at ripping off meat from its pray with a design like that.

What I did to improve on it is gave it a cat like head but with a slightly longer snout, and just for fun horns, the body is meant to look more long and lean with the head to better fit the design. Right now having trouble figuring out what the ears will look like so did without.

Hecatonchires 0


So in Greek Mythology was a creature called the Hecatonchires or the Hundred-Handed Ones. On the History Channel there is a show called “Clash of the Gods” and as I posted before mythology fascinates me. In a few episodes they mention the Hundred Handers playing a few roles and I just felt like making my own version.

So to get things started there is no way I can draw something out with a hundred hands because I don’t have the patients, so I cut the number down a lot. So I gave it 6, one for each arm, and just to entertain myself I gave it scorpion like stingers on the back, a lot like that of Andariel of Diablo 2

Kraken + idea? 2

Kraken + idea?

so here is an updated version of the drawing, I wanted to do this because I liked how the drawing came out, and looked like it would be easy to do (haha). But anywho I’m hoping to hear from some people about this, as we all know people like uploading crappy graphic images they make to sites that print shirts right? should I do the same thing with my drawings? would anyone buy them?

they are simple really but sometimes that works best, I don’t know, you let me what you think…

Banshee 0


much like the reaper, but with wild hair. swift and terrifying, there sonic screams and bring you down slowly and painfully

Its the Beard 0

Its the Beard

I don’t know, for awhile I just wanted to draw a dwarf just to see what my version would look like. now to try to figure out where it would fit with gunner cat and the reaper

Queen of the Harpies! Queen of the Harpies!! 0

Queen of the Harpies! Queen of the Harpies!!

so, like, yeah. much like the nerubians in warcraft, I saw the harpies in the game and wanted to do something with that. but this drawing I worked on before, the idea was to mix angel and tropical birds. the reason for that is there is a species of bird called the Harpy Eagle which lives in rain forest in south and central america. most tropical birds are colorful so I felt it was fitting