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Milian Block Party ’15

A few days ago Christina Milian posted an announcement on her page about a Block party she is doing at her store she recently opened up. Food, drinks, activities and there was also entertainment. A cat walk, DJ and other performers. I got there and it was a bit smaller then I had expected in some ways, but also more things going on in such a small space but didn’t feel to crowded. I talked to her real shortly and wanted to get a photo with Christina but the poor girl is being pulled all over the place because they were also recording for her reality show.

I left at about 4:30 and though it was nice, I was kind of disappointed about something go feel I was misled on. The announcement did say free food, drinks, activities, but in order to get to the food or drink you have to buy a wrist band. Though you also got you a raffle ticket, but I wasn’t interested in that. I don’t know perhaps Christina or her sister who I also talked will get back to me on that, they should have my info and know how to contact me. And I also hope they like the photos.

And if you happen to be in the area, be sure to check the store out.


No Pants Metro Ride ’15 Photos

That, was a good day. I was the ride captain for the Culver City group riding on the expo line. Basically my job was to help people get their passes, to make sure they get on the train, and answer any questions they had. I had a pretty big group with me so that was fun. After we all got on the train we then went to Union Station were all groups from each line converged. After being there for a half hour it was time to start heading to the red line for the final leg of our journey to Hollywood where we flooded the street with our pantsless glory. We then went to near by bar along hollywood blvd, Loaded, and had ourselves a nice little after party. By the time I left most of the people inside had their pants on.

While on my way back home I found a few other people waiting for the train back that had already repantsed by then, and so did I.

I have to say, that was a good first event for the new camera.


Bent-Con ’14 Photos

And my last convention of the year is now over. What was interesting was not just when the event started for the day, 12 noon, but when on late, 2am. It was fun becomes I’ve never been early to a con. Thought it was small, I did seem to notice there was quite the number of things going on, panels, that I went to two of them. There was also a stage set up a cellist, reading, other musical reformists, figure drawings, photoshoots, and striptease acts. Always something to keep everyone entertained. There was also a room that showed movies, and other with karaoke. I wanted to go up and sing Metallica, but, for some strange reason didn’t. They also had an area set up for board games. I was thinking, and hoping there would be consoles set up, but it’s still a small con so that still was rather popular.

I was there for day 2 and 3. on day 2 I did get a lot of stuff, but not so much on the last day because there wasn’t much else to get and I was only there for 3 hours. I had to take off early. Over all I did enjoy myself, and I wold go again next year. Perhaps I can convince other friends of mine to join in. Also, Retired Wonder Woman is awesome.

Now to wait for Santacon and for the year to end. This could take awhile.


LA Pride ’14 Photos

As I do every year during the parade, I find myself a way in. This year I was with PFLAG and we were asking to wear red. I put on my shawarma shirt. I got there about 20 minutes later then I wanted to but even then I was still early. I put on my blades and rode from the end of the route to where everyone was gathering, found my group, introduced myself and hung for a bit. I also saw there was some time left before everything started so I went over to see the other floats, talked to some other people and took more photos.

After, 20 minutes we got on Santa Monica Blvd and started walking along the street and soon after our group was announced I hear the name Betty DeGeneres. I rolled up to her and asked “Ellen’s mother?” I gave her a hug and said that I love her daughter. I later got a photo with her which was taken by a friend using his camera so I’ll post that later. While the parade was going on I’ve heard a name shouted out to me a few times and each one I know was to me, Jared Leto. A nice hand full of people called me over, wanted to give me hugs, get photos with me, and play with my hair some. Some other people called me Jesus… [sigh], lame.

After the parade came to an end I, as every year went up and down the blvd to find other people and things to take photos of. After a while I ran into a guy I know and then some others and just ended up hanging out together. At one point I took a photo of one person, talked for a bit and she asked how we’ve like the festival also going. I told her we don’t have tickets because we didn’t want to have to spend $20 per person and then asked, “how many of you ate there here?” and just handed us some free passes. Much love to her.

We went inside and by then it was already getting kind of dark. Wandered around, hung out and had more people stop me saying they love my hair. I’m kind of glad I kept it long for this because I had thought about cutting my hair before the event but I was advised to do so afterwards.

Also, to many hot lesbians


Dear Tea Party…

You really do embarrass yourselves by first of all picking fights with everyone and being insanely stupid. And the fact they claim to do all the work yet strangely enough more conservative run states tend to take more money from the federal government then states like California. Now, I don’t mind helping people where I can, and if I had money myself, or at least more that I can live off of I wouldn’t mind using some of it to help others in need so that way we as a people can advance ourselves even further.


LA Black Tie Beach ’13 Photos

Alright, here we go. It was a rather overcast and cool day at the beach, not really expected for mid august and I also got to the location about an hour after the whole thing started. We had a nice group of people come, just over a dozen and everyone played in the water, frisbee, played int he sand or did something else funny while there. Like always people would walk up to us and ask “whats going on?” and I just told it’s just a day at the beach for us like any other.

Or it was laundry day and that was all we had to wear for the day.