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To the Cosplayers 1

To the Cosplayers

I came across this graphic recently of cosplayers thanking us photo guys for our hard work and dedication as photographers, which I find strange because they are the ones that spend the time and money putting these outfits together. I just walk up to them and say “hey, can I take a photo?” and post it online for everyone to check out. So I felt I should make something back showing them some love. Now yes, sometimes I might also dress up myself, like when I was Loki during ALA or once dressed up as Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, but my costumes are usually made up of stuff I have already or buy at the store and just put on. Many of those people actually make them from materials they buy from various stores, while studying the photos of who they are dressing up as so they can get it just right. More power to them.


Mini Raid 9.23.12

So, yeah, I found myself bugging scientologists again this month. Wow, thats something I didn’t except myself doing, why not, was fun. And we had some douchebag try and intimidate us because a few of us sat down on this wall in front of this one little building telling us to stop harassing him. Yeah, he came out and started making lame insults and we are harassing him. A guy there got some video of that so I’ll post that up later.

God what a douchebag


Enough with the AX stuff, now for cats.

All thats left to post are videos really and I don’t want to put it all up at the same time. Some of it is of dancing, sax playing, and seeing who can hold their pose longest. Also I did a little interview with one of the protesters to get his story really, was fun. And for now one of my photos from Louisiana back in march of one of my aunts cats since I have nothing else really and I’m been sick since after anime expo ended. I have no idea why.


Anime Expo ’12 – Day 4 – Final

They are all now online… yes! so many of them, holy crap. Now day 4 wasn’t exactly very eventful, I walked around taking more photos and a little video (which is coming, not a lot but I have some. just hope tape didn’t warp anywhere), and because there were a lot less people there I didn’t get as many photos but of what I did they came out nicely. Also something I need to do is once again figure out a new gallery system, all this manual stuff is a pain in the ass so I need to pull something off.

And now we have it, final day, see you next year.


Anime Expo ’12 – Day 3

The day started off with something really strange happening. as I was walking by the blue line station I hear some guy screaming out “stop!” and I see him grab some guy saying he is making a citizens arrest and calling for the guards at the station to do something about him. I have no idea what happened, figured it was because he might of hit the guy or told something from him and just got on his bike and rode off. So the first guy is yelling out “I don’t feel safe in this area anymore.” “lets all break the law, we should give him a medal.” Turns out it was because the guy was riding his bike on the platform. Yes it is recommended not to do that but most people don’t really care anyways that I’ve found.

Much more hanging around, taking photos, and later that day a friend of mine with me find herself a bit of a stalker, he was walking around her for a while taking photos from different angles so we called one of the staff guys to help us out to cover her and get the guy kicked out if we catch him doing it again with her or anyone else. So remember everyone, AX staff are also there to keep us safe. and later that night there was a rumor a girl was kidnapped but it turned up she went home without telling her friends so all was fine.

so much more crazy.


Little… Gazebo?

Awhile ago a friend of mine got married and asked me to take photos and this was my fav of the bunch. I have no idea why. As for photos I’m editing a bunch for someone (still, hate that I’m taking so long but would like one of them to get hold of me) wiping the background from them and putting in new ones. Earlier today I come across an image someone made about freelancers and it’s so true. hopefully I can find that again and I’ll post it.

Behind Blue Eyes 0

Behind Blue Eyes

As a kid something I always thought to myself was, “what would I look like if i had blue eyes? would I look any better?” So awhile ago I saw an ad to some movie “This Means War” (that I don’t plan on seeing because it doesn’t look entertaining to me, sorry movie people) and saw these two dudes and noticed their eyes are really blue and that totally reminded me of what I thought about for myself as a kid and then remembered “oh right I know how to do that in photoshop.” So here is what I made to see for myself. I need to do some more experimentation.