SantaCon ’11 photos

Alright, here they are, finally. So the day started off with me running a little later then I wanted to be, but I was determined to make it. Once I got to North Hollywood I hopped on the red line and quickly come to find some santas. They were dropping off on Hollywood but I was going to go to Downtown first to see if I can find anyone else there. What ended up happening was I helped this one girl I met heading over to take the train back to her town in San Bernardino County. Took some time of my plan but I can’t let her be totally lost on what to do. And with my help she ended up saving some money to so go me.

So I got off the subway to go look for some santas again and head back in to downtown with no luck. Went back to the subway again about found two more santas and we decided to head to Hollywood. Got off on Highland and found more santas and then walked over to Dillion’s on Vine. As we were walking over I saw a scientology stress test table and told them Hubbard died on psych drugs, hehehe, I’m so mean. So we got to Dillion’s and found lots of santas and all went crazy, it was great.

Next up was jump on the subway again and we all headed to union, again, and hung around Olvera St. Next trip was to the Angel City Brewing where so many other santas come to converge. Later on after it was time for me to head back home. It was a great day, hung with all kinds of great people and had all kinds of great laughs, I would totally do that again. Let’s just hope next timing will be better for me. Where my Ho, ho, ho’s at?

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